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Termite & Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Termites are a serious problem in Texas . They quietly eat away at your home sometimes for years before you detect any damage. We recommend all prospective homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas schedule a preemptive termite inspection, as termites left untreated can cause issues that quickly become impossible to repair. If you notice termite damage where you live, it is important that you call pest control immediately. By the time the damage is visible, forming a treatment plan can mean the difference between salvaging your home and seeing it collapse. Pest Control We offer free inspections to determine a treatment plan and estimated cost. Whether you’re dealing with spiders or squirrels, ants or roaches, we’ll figure it out and fix it for you. Our proven solutions are effective and thorough without draining your wallet. We’ll give you an honest evaluation and unbeatable prices. Our home inspectors are also licensed technicians with Knightly Solutions TPCL 796739 for performing WDI/Termite Reports

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