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You need your Own Inspector

New and Existing Home Inspections Put You in The Drivers Seat

Don’t rely on your builder’s inspector. Hire Dunn Inspection Services for your own private, third party licensed New Home inspection!

Dunn Inspection Services tests appliances like ovens for proper temperature to insure accuracy and proper operation in your modern digital appliances. Many times ovens require adjustment for actual accurate baking temperatures or HVAC thermostats are calibrated incorrectly. Does the dishwasher cycle and drain properly?

We check the HVAC and furnace operation, you would be surprised how many times we have found one new air conditioner of a two AC unit home not performing during a new home inspection. Who wants to discover that in the summer or while hosting a party? Does your AC meet current federal standards for high efficiency? Does it have an overflow pan alarm shut off? Is the media filter installed correctly? Does the system have return vents? Typically these systems do not have filters in the returns if there is a media filter present .Check with your manufacturer or the HVAC technician to confirm that the system was built and installed using a Manual J.

What is a manual J?  

Does it have the code required sediment trap for fuel fired furnaces installed correctly?

What about electrical up to current code for new construction homes?

Are all outlets tamper resistant, AFCI or GFCI protected? Is it bonded and grounded?

Bonding is when metallic non-current carrying components are bound together, usually by an eight gauge solid copper wire to eliminate any current differences or create equipotential in the conductors. Grounding is a connection to the earth.

What is the difference Between Bonding and Grounding?

Is there a surge suppressor the required surge suppressor installed in the electric service panel or breaker box? This is a fire safety requirement for new builds.

There’s a trend for veneer, stone or faux stone Brick or stucco exterior wall covering cladding. Is there a transition?

Are the required weep holes present in the stone or masonry for proper drainage?

Improper or missing drainage planes and weep holes with proper flashing are prone to moisture intrusion and mold damage issues over time and builders may not be aware of the many new construction materials installation requirements. This may void any warranty if you have a claim later.

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