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Powder Post Beetles


“A while back Dunn Inspection Services found a Powder Post Beetle infestation in our client’s brand new home.

This Powder Post Beetle inspection is actually featured in the video on our home page!

Spring is a good time to find out whether your Powder Post Beetle infestation is still active. The adult beetles emerge from the wood in the spring, leaving behind tiny round, exit holes. The little dark beetles are rarely seen but they are attracted to windows and lights.

Identifying Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles have long slender bodies that grow to be about 1/16th to 1/4th of an inch in length. They have six legs, antennae, and are usually reddish-brown or black. Their larvae, on the other hand, are white or cream-colored and their bodies form a C shape. 
While it helps to know what powderpost beetles look like, most people do not realize they have an infestation because they don’t see the beetles themselves. Rather people notice the wood dust left behind after powderpost beetles feed on the wood in their home.

Powderpost Beetles Threats To Wood

While powderpost beetles do destroy wood much like termites and carpenter ants, the manner by which they do it is quite different. It is not actually the adult beetles that eat the wood, but rather the larvae. The way this works is a female powderpost beetle will lay her eggs on the surface, or in the cracks, of wood. When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to eat down into the wood. They will continue eating until they grow into an adult which can take several years. If a larva is left to feed until it completes the transformation, that means a lot of damaged wood for you!







The wood that is at risk includes flooring, structural wood, wooden antiques, furniture, wood trim, and wood frames. Any wood in your house could be a target for these destructive beetles which is why it is so important for you to utilize the preventative measures at your disposal.

The Best Ways To Prevent Powderpost Beetle Infestations

When it comes to preventing powderpost beetles from inflicting costly damage on your home, the goal is to remove any possible entry points through which the beetles might come into your house. In addition to this, you should be cautious with any wooden objects that you bring into your home in case they are already infested with the beetles. More often than not, a powderpost beetle infestation enters a home when they are brought in on a piece of wood. To prevent powderpost beetle infestations in your home:

  • Seal cracks in the foundation or walls of your home.

  • Install weather stripping around window and door frames. 

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Ensure any wood brought into your home for building supplies has been properly dried and stored.

  • Inspect all wood furniture for signs of powderpost beetles before you bring it into your home.

  • Paint or stain old exposed wood in your home to make it more difficult for these beetles to eat.

  • Use dehumidifiers in your home to lower the humidity and moisture levels of the wood.


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