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Top 10 Reasons For Gratitude

1. Family

During the holidays, spending time with family can be a lot of extra work and stress. But this is also the perfect time to remember just how much of a blessing your relatives are. So even when they’re annoying, try to focus on all the things you love about your beautiful, wacky, funny, a-little-bit-crazy-but-always-loving clan.

2. That holiday helping spirit

The “holiday spirit” is a real thing, and we promise you, nothing will make you more grateful for what you have than sharing some of it with someone who has less.

3. Your best friends

Friends are like family. And sometimes they’re even better than family, especially when they’re saving the day by bringing over a non-burned turkey or smuggling you a much-needed drink. Make sure to tell your friends how grateful you are for their friendship and how much better your life is because you have them. Better yet, host a Friendsgiving celebration this year and thank them in person.

4. Holiday songs

Listening to Christmas songs before Thanksgiving is a contentious topic. But once Thanksgiving hits, feel free to play all your favorite holiday tunes.

5. Peace and safety

The world can be a tumultuous place. But if you’re reading this, you’re likely in a place of relative safety and peace. Be grateful, and do your part to help make the world a better place in the coming year.

6. Your health

If ever there was a time to be grateful for your health, it is now. And if you’ve been able to avoid contracting COVID-19, you’ve been lucky.

7. The roof over your head

This is one of the best things to be grateful for. Shelter is one of humankind’s primary needs, but it’s so basic that unless you don’t have it, you may take it for granted. This year, look up and be grateful for the roof that offers you warmth and protection. And support organizations that help the unhoused find roofs of their own.

8. Freedom of speech

The historical roots of Thanksgiving often get lost in the food and fun, but at its core, the holiday is about the founding of our country. One of the benefits of being American: freedom of speech.

9. Growth

Everyone changes. Let’s be grateful that we’ve had the time to reflect on who we are and the ability to grow into the people we want to be.

10. Gratitude

That’s right: We just told you to be thankful for being thankful. Practicing gratitude can ward off depression, lower blood pressure, ameliorate anxiety and even increase your life span. You’re welcome!

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